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Vertical caving (SRT) facility

A superb indoor training facility to develop your caving skills - whatever the weather!

The Yorkshire Dales is home to the UK’s premier region for vertical caving, with many of the classic sites located less than 15-30mins drive from our premises (and a short walk up the hill!).

Yorkshire Dales Guides are lucky to have their very own, on-site, vertical caving training facility. Contained within a very spacious area of around 15 m x 10 m x 8 m high, with a thick rubber floor matting, the facility includes the following:

  • 6 m electron ladder and lifeline, to allow safe practice of ladder climbing and belaying techniques before heading underground.
  • Low-level multi-anchor traverse to practice safe use of cowstails and demonstrate safe progression towards the pitch head.
  • Large platform (4 m x 1.5 m), also accessed via fixed ladder, and which allows access to up to 5 ropes for practicing pitch head management, abseiling and prussiking, and both single anchor and double anchor y-hang rebelays. Up to 5 people can work from this platform at any one time!
  • Two, high level platforms (each 1.5 m x 1.5 m) at around 6 m height, accessed via fixed ropes. High level traverses lead out from the platforms, allowing plenty of practice of abseiling, re-belays, traversing and deviations.
  • Inclined climbing wall to allow practice of prussiking and abseiling against a wall as opposed to free-hanging.
  • All platforms are equipped with multiple anchors to allow one’s own rigging practice.
  • All platforms are equipped with multiple anchors to allow practice of rescue techniques for both sporting cavers and groups about to head off on expedition. Yorkshire Dales Guides are also in the possession of a number of stretchers and mannequins, which can be used as part of an extended rescue practice within the facility.
  • SRT kits can be hired for a fee of £10 per person for the day, subject to availability.
  • The following price structure applies to groups using the facility:
    • Exclusive hire of the vertical caving facility for a half or full day (all prices include VAT):

      OFF-PEAK (OCT 1ST - MAR 31ST)
             £90 (1-5 people), £18 per person (6+ people)
      PEAK (APR 1ST - SEPT 30TH)
              £150 (1-5 people), £30 per person (6+ people)
             £120 (1-5 people), £24 per person (6+ people)
              £12 per person
    • Non-exclusive use of the vertical caving training facility may be possible at all times, please get in touch to discuss.

Yorkshire Dales Guides run regular training sessions and courses for individuals and groups requiring tuition in Single Rope Techniques (SRT). Please get in touch for more info and availability. Please note: Visiting groups operating within the facility alone must be accompanied by a designated, competent person who will be responsible for the group during the visit, and will be required to complete and sign a form to this effect.

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