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Build stronger relationships and develop communication and leadership skills

Yorkshire Dales Guides offer a wide range of team building activities, so whether you are a school needing something to help ‘break the ice’ for a new year class, or a company looking to build working relationships and cohesion between employees, we’re positive we can provide a fun and rewarding day out for your group.

Activities will take place either on-site, at our very spacious and private premises, or off-site at any one of the many superb outdoor venues located within the wonderful Yorkshire Dales National Park.

As well as a multitude of games and team challenges, one of our most popular sessions involves the group carrying out a simulated ‘mountain rescue practice.’ A realistic scenario will be presented to the group, and then they will be given a time limit in order to successfully carry out the rescue.

The group will be provided with some resources and equipment (e.g. stretchers, radios etc) they can use, and then it is up to the group to work together and organise themselves in order to carry out the rescue. As with ‘real-life’ mountain and cave rescues, this will be a dynamic process, and the group will be continually updated with new information throughout the exercise as it arrives, some of which may affect decisions already made and the course of the rescue. This session provides a real and unique insight into the challenges currently faced by mountain and cave rescue teams throughout the UK.

Off-site activities include caving and climbing – two excellent examples of outdoor sports often requiring groups to work together to both overcome obstacles as well as provide encouragement and help to one another, in a unique and stunning environment. See our caving and climbing pages for more information.

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