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​Beneath the Yorkshire Dales are some of the finest and most spectacular cave systems in the UK! An often misunderstood sport, caving offers the chance to explore a truly stunning and unique environment of underground rivers and streams, vast quiet chambers adorned with thousands of delicate stalactites hanging from the roof, deep shafts reverberating with the sound of the waterfalls crashing down them, cascades, and walls rich in fossils.

Here at Yorkshire Dales Guides, caving is our greatest passion and we would love to show you the underground world we've come to know so well through years of our own explorations in both the UK and abroad. Whether you fancy a gentle introduction to caving, or would like a more challenging adventure, we are certain we can cater for your needs! Caving is a perfect year-round activity as the temperature underground remains a constant ~8 deg C.

QUICK FACT: Many people who visit the Yorkshire Dales won't know that one of the longest cave systems in the world can be found under the hills between Kirkby Lonsdale and Ingleton. The Three Counties cave system is now well over 80km long and new cave is still being found to this day.

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