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Learn the key skills to stay safe on the fells

Being able to read a map and navigate effectively in the outdoors are hugely important skills that should be possessed by anyone venturing onto the hills, moors and mountains of the Yorkshire Dales and elsewhere, both in the UK and abroad.


What can be a relatively straightforward walk in good weather can quickly become more hazardous in deteriorating weather or failing light as paths and other hill features become difficult to see. But interpreting and understanding maps and being able to orientate yourself also form key skills for everyday life too, whether you are an avid hillwalker or you work in the city!

Navigation can be really fun too, whether it’s the simple satisfaction of finding and linking all the paths together on your walk, or successfully finding features of interest (scenic and historical) or taking part in an orienteering event or mountain marathon!

Steph and Mike are keen and experienced ultra-distance runners having completed such challenges as the 108 mile Spine Challenger which takes place in January, the 52 mile Lakes in a Day, the 61 mile Fellsman and the 82 mile Dales Way. Paul, our third director, partnered with his son have also won their class at one of the major UK mountain marathons. It is this wealth of knowledge gained through our own experiences which we, and our similarly experienced instructors, wish to pass on in our courses.

Yorkshire Dales Guides offer bespoke navigation courses from beginner to advanced, tailored to the individuals or groups exact requirements. You may be a complete novice who wants to get familiar with a map and compass for the first time, a regular park-run competitor who wishes to take their running to the hills, or an experienced hillwalker who wants to be more confident in micro-navigation ahead of a solo backpacking adventure in Scotland. Whatever the reason, we’re here to help you along!

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