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Looking after the safety of production crews above and below ground

Yorkshire Dales Guides have been involved in a number of TV and film projects over the last few years, links to which can be found below. The Yorkshire Dales Guides team have the experience and knowledge to assist with everything from location selection and site visits, to logistics and most importantly safety!

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Some recent projects we have supported

San Miguel promo video at the Alum Pot/Long Churn Caves:

Working with Mike Bushell and the BBC Breakfast team and UK Caving - Click here to view on BBC website

Outside TV – Trackin Dirt with presenter Eric Hanson

As well as Yorkshire Dales Guides projects, Steph & Mike have been involved in a documentary produced by Paul Diffley of Hot Aches Productions following 2 years of the ‘Ario Caves Project.’ The film ‘The Ario Dream’, for which Steph and Mike are executive producers, follows a caving expedition, led and organised by Steph & Mike, to the western massif of the spectacular Picos de Europa Mountains of northern Spain. Here, a large team of cavers have been continuing the superb work of the Oxford University Caving Club, who have been visiting the area for over 50 years and exploring and mapping the cave systems located beneath these dramatic mountains. There is potential for one of the deepest cave systems, if not the deepest, in Europe. The vision is a 1,700 m+ deep cave system, which is known to exist through scientific dye tracing, as well as several cave systems already discovered and which are slowly being connected together.

One of these connections, between Pozo del Xitu and Cueva Culiembro, is now the deepest through-trip requiring cave diving in the world, with a vertical range of 1,264m between entrances. The first traverse was completed by director Paul Mackrill and Tony Seddon in 2012, but ironically, this was only made possible after (1) the two caves were connected 2 years earlier (director Mike was involved with this expedition and present on the connection dive) and (2) Pozo del Xitu was re-bolted and re-rigged (director Steph was heavily involved with this expedition and the re-rigging).

Trailer for the 'Ario Dream'

The Ario Caves Project has already been featured in the recent book ‘Underland’ by critically acclaimed author Robert Macfarlane.

Steph can also be found in a number of short videos and interviews. Click the images below to view videos:

Spine Race 2018 – Interview (Episode 1)


Spine Race 2018 – Interview (Episode 2)


Steph being interviewed as part of the Cave Rescue Organisation supporting the west riding classic

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