Team Building & Away Days

team building and away days

Yorkshire Dales Guides Provide Unique Team Building and Personal Development Training for Business and Organisations 

We offer no nonsense, REAL training experiences in REAL environments 

We offer a range of options and can bolt together something just for you

We can provide ‘Away Days’ & ‘Breakout Sessions’ which include a range of activities. Using either team games within a specific venue, or using our ‘back yard’ – the Yorkshire Dales landscape.

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We run ‘Rescue Scenario’ days, using our unique experience and expertise. These include communication, planning, logistics and leadership challenges, providing a unique opportunities for team to stretch their boundaries.

We are flexible and will adapt to your needs.

First Aid training in Yorkshire, Cumbria and Lancashire

The management team and trainers at YDG are all members of busy local Rescue Teams in the Dales and fully understand the importance of First Aid skills in real life emergencies.

We can provide and manage practical scenarios involving the management and provision of First Aid assistance, either as dedicated workshops or as a valuable component of a day’s wider team building or personal experience activities.

As an integrated part of a ‘rescue scenario’  or as one element of a more demanding team building day, managing and delivering First Aid in a challenging situation provides a real understanding of successful team work.

First Aid courses are managed and delivered by Yorkshire Dales Training – Sean Whittle

A Challenge Event can bring out the best in everyone. It is a team challenge that can be used by any groups. All it requires is at least two teams of four to a maximum of 10 people (2 teams of five) and you can accept the challenge. Larger groups can sometimes be accommodated so ask for details.

To successfully complete the event you will be using your decision-making skills, your negotiating skills, your sense of balance and your sense of humour. There are a variety of tasks you maybe completing as some will depend on the prevailing weather conditions on the day. The activities could include some problem solving tasks, the log challenge, orienteering and/or caving. Trust in your group is very important and hopefully if it was a bit shaky at the beginning it will be much stronger at the end.

The events are designed to be competitive as this adds some pressure to the groups which enables them to put their teamwork skills to the test!

The objective of the Challenge is to have fun . We have had people with a wide range of physical and mental abilities taking part over the years and each one has come away having gained some personal achievement with the help of their team.

You will need warm clothes. We provide oversuits and wellingtons for those who do not have any. You will also need a complete change of clothes, as you will get wet!

Our charges depend upon the type of activity you choose to do and the numbers in the group, for example: rates for 6 - 8 people start at £240.00 for the group for a full day and £120.00 for a half day.

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